Regular Benefits of Papaya Leaf Feeding

HealthyPedia's best friend, eating papaya leaves is not a favorite for most people. The bitter taste is the reason people are reluctant to consume it. The majority of people consume only fruit because of their sweet taste.
But who sfigure, behind the bitter taste of papaya leaves has tremendous benefits for the health of our body.
Here are 5 benefits of papaya leaf for health:
1. Preventing diabetes
Papaya leaves also contain efficacious compounds of sapoindan alkaloids to help prevent and treat diabetes.
2. Relieve painful menstruation
Drinking decoction of papaya leaves mixed with salt and Javanese sugar can be believed to help relieve painful menstruation.
3. Preventing cancer
Papaya leaves contain anti-cancer substances so often eat papaya leaves can prevent some types of cancer.
4. Helps cure dengue fever
The enzyme papain and chymopapin found in the leaves of papaya efficacious to increase platelets so that papaya leaves can help treat dengue fever.
5. Controlling blood pressure
Drink herb 1/2 liters of water decoction of 5 pieces of papaya leaves mixed with honey can help control blood pressure.
So do not lazy to consume papaya leaf sob. Hopefully useful for Buddy HealthyPedia, thank you.

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