Benefits of Celery Leaves For Body Health

A healthy greeting for you loyal readers of Healthypedia. On this occasion I will discuss the article on the benefits of celery leaves.

Here's the explanation:

This vegetable is often used to beautify food or friends of dried onions in meatball soup. Celery has the scientific name "Apium graveolens", he is a vegetable that is listed in the plant family of "Apiaceae". The benefit of celery leaves is to be a source of good substances from antioxidant substances and some other vitamins, such as vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B6, folic acid and potassium.

1. Can protect gastric lining

Studies conducted research on rats and showed that ethanol extracts from celery seeds turned out to protect the stomach lining and suppress gastric acid production. This effect is believed to be the result of antioxidants that have been found in this extract such as flavonoids and tannins.

2. Can to lower body cholesterol levels

Celery leaves have benefits that are not thought to be suspected as having a substance that is believed to lower cholesterol. And certainly after that it will have a good impact on our cardiovascular health. Celery leaf extracts are believed to be able to lower cholesterol, triglycerides, and low density lipoproteins in research studies that have been conducted on experimental animal rats who undergo a high-fat diet.

3. It can be stabilized blood sugar

Celery turns out to be able to lower blood sugar levels. The complete nutrient content on this celery can break the clotting of the sugar in our blood so that the body can accelerate the burning of calories in which there is excess glucose that will then be removed through the removal of calories through urine and Through sweat discharge because of physical activity that has been done, such as exercising.

4. Can nourish the intestinal tract

The nutrients in this celery are believed to cleanse the intestines of the leftovers we consume and can also avoid the intestines of bacterial deposits, cholesterol, excess salts, etc. So that intestinal performance as one of the digestive organs will always be working well.

5. It turns rheumatic cure

Celery leaves contain anti-inflammatory and antibacterial and complete vitamins and minerals that can relieve pain in rheumatic sufferers and also able to reduce purine substances in the joints that trigger elevated levels of uric acid in the body.

6. Eating celery to lose weight

Celery is very low in calories. Its ability to provide essential nutrients and help regulate fat metabolism (fat) can be a food of choice while you are wanting to lose weight. One of the many main benefits of celery is its very dense nutrient content. That is, celery is believed to possess antioxidants, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B, vitamin C, and potassium, with very little calories.

7. Celery helps prevent urinary tract infections

Apparently celery can help to prevent urinary tract infections. Since celery can help to reduce uric acid and also stimulate urine production, celery is also beneficial against bacterial infections that exist in our digestive tract and reproductive organs. Celery can also help prevent urinary tract infections and bladder disorders to kidney problems.

 That is the benefit of celery leaves. Hopefully this article is helpful. Don't forget to share this article to your friends friend. Healthy Greetings!!

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